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About World 50

Leaders of the world’s most respected companies join World 50 to learn from one another. More than 4,800 global CEOs, board directors, and senior executives across every function—from 37 countries across six continents—trust the World 50 community for insights that deliver impact at scale. World 50 is the safe space to exchange ideas, navigate complex challenges, and evolve as a leader. Members are at the forefront of transformation, leading organizations with a total market cap exceeding US$34 trillion and more than 37 million employees worldwide. 

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Executive leadership insights found nowhere else.

One of the biggest value drivers of the World 50 membership is unrivaled access to practical insights and ideas from the world’s best business leaders. World 50 conducts tentpole research projects—such as Getting to Growth—to understand how executives are responding to trends and upheavals in today’s global business environment. The goal, as always, is to help members and their teams stay ahead.
World 50 content:
  • Reflects the voice of senior-most executives who are living the role.
  • Finds a signal in the noise and focuses on the issues that matter most, now.
  • Helps the best leaders become better.
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